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Latest bowling equipment you must have

Nov. 01, 2019

Latest bowling equipment you must have

Bowling is a sport that everyone should try at least once in their lives. It is not just a sport, it is an art. The form factor, the strength & grip that you have to apply on the ball, the size and weight of the ball, the size of the pitch, the sneakers you have to wear. Bowling is officially recognized as a competitive sport too, for it is not merely throwing a ball towards the pot.

If you are looking to open your own bowling arena, you need to have all the latest bowling equipment. Fret not, for we have compiled a list of all the latest bowling equipment that you can use.

Without further ado, let us begin:

House Balls

The bowling balls, or more adequately known as house balls by the bowling alley stores, are the most important part of any bowling game. These round bodies of plastic or metal are polished so that they can easily slide on the pitch to the pot.

There are different types of house balls available in the market, but your arena should have at least the minimum of 6 balls per lane.

The balls should have different weight and hole size too, for not everyone is able to lift a heavy 16-pound ball.

There should be separate 6-8 pounders for little kids, and 10 to 16 pounders for the adults.

Oh, and multiple finger sizes should be kept in mind too, if you are looking to make a comfortable and competitive bowling arena that everyone is able to enjoy.

There are different materials that you can use for the house ball, depending on what your arena is going to be. If you are going to keep a heavily oiled lane on the arena, we would recommend going for polished metallic balls. But if you don’t want to do the effort of oiling the lane on a regular basis, and want a less oiled lane, go for polished plastic balls. These polished plastic balls can survive quite a beating, and can roll in even less than perfect conditions.

Wrist Guards

 Though not a requirement, wrist guards are still a nice addition to your bowling arena and should be able to rack in better customer reviews for your arena. Wrists are at the most risk when playing bowling, because of the motion of the players when they’re trying to throw the ball into the alley. This is because the ball is very heavy, and sometimes the holes on the ball are not comfortable enough for the player, because of the different finger size, so the players may end up damaging their wrist while trying to control the ball.

The damage isn’t only limited to the wrist, without a wrist guard. Sometimes, in order to not feel the pain from the wrist, the player decides to unconsciously drop the grip of the hand. This is, in fact, a very dangerous move, for the ball can potentially fall on the feet and cause an insane amount of damage.

No one wants to get heavily injured while playing a fun sport, right?

Finger Tapes

Finger Tapes might not work the same way as wrist guards, but they are ultimately trying to stop the ball from slipping off the hand. Finger tapes, just like the name suggests, are wrapped around the fingers. This increases the grip of the fingers, and make it easier to make the ball stay attached to the hand. Oh, and if the customer has small fingers, using finger tapes helps make the fingers of the customer stay attached to the bigger hole of the ball.


Powder is a requirement bowling equipment grip ingredient that must be present in all arenas. Very inexpensive, and a must-have for all professional players and beginner players alike, powder makes the fingers less slippery by adding more friction between the fingers and the ball. Powder also helps when the customer has oily/slippery hands that might be because of either food or natural sweat that is emitted through the palms/fingers when people do extensive activity through their hands.

You can use any kind of powder, ranging from chalk to something much heavier. Chalk is very inexpensive and easy to clean too, so using that helps. But be sure to buy chalk that does not damage the human skin when it is exposed to chalk.

Plus, you may even be able to brand your own powder in the upcoming years, and make a lot of potential profit.


Okay, but seriously, don’t you just hate those players who get all sweaty and then don’t even bother cleaning themselves up afterwards, when they meet you again? Not only are they all slimy, they also smell really bad, and look really uncomfortable to talk to.
Towels help reduce that image, by helping sweep off sweat off the body, and making the sweat less visible. Many people come packed with their own towel when they play bowling, but not everyone has the time and planning to pack a towel when they are only coming to have fun.

This is where you, the bowling arena, comes in play. You can make a separate section for towels and rent towels for customers so they can keep themselves clean and the environment much more feasible for gameplay and social interactions.

There are also towels for cleaning the balls on the bowling alley. You should keep separate microfibre towels for cleaning the balls after a customer uses them, because those balls could accumulate a lot of oil, decreasing the friction between the ball and the alley. This could ultimately make the ball slide instead of spin, causing the ball to be in an inaccurate motion.

Bowling shoes

Most customers do not come with dedicated bowling shoes, and it is almost compulsory for all bowling arenas to have separate bowling shoes section up for rent. It is almost impossible to do bowling without the shoes, because shoes help add a slippery feeling, and make it more comfortable for the customer to enjoy bowling without having to worry about falling on the ground or something of equivalent embarrassment.

Bowling shoes can be rented off for quite a hefty penny, so your bowling arena can make quite a lot of profit in the long run.

Bowling bag

The bowling bag is a piece of bowling equipment that is used to store other equipment. Though not really a requirement, or even needed by a bowling alley, it is still a nice addition if you are trying to make a completely independent bowling arena brand, which has separate items for everything. Bowling bags should be big enough to store all potential bowling equipment and even then - a little more. It is recommended that a bowling bag should be able to store at least a single bowling ball though.

Extra flat belts and sprockets

It never hurts to have extra parts for your large machinery. Especially because the main focus of the bowling arena is the bowling lane, it is mandatory that all parts of the machinery work well. The flat belts and sprockets are most likely to break during extensive usage, and therefore, you should have some of these bowling spare parts lying around.
These bowling spare parts will help you save precious time if something disastrous happens.

Ball holder

 All bowling alleys should have a separate ball holder where at least 3-5 balls can be held so the player can easily grab and grip the ball and ultimately make it more comfortable for the player to enjoy the game. These ball holders are an absolute requirement for bowling equipment. Do not worry though, they are not very expensive, and you can even have a custom-built ball holder, if you are thinking of a branded design.

Bowling scoring system

Gone are the days when you had to manually count the score for bowling alleys. Now you can easily count the score with the help of a complete bowling scoring system that has been digitized. These bowling scoring systems have sensors attached that are able to automatically sense how many pins have been potted and then adds that score to the player’s total score.
Bowling scoring system is an absolute necessity, and should be placed somewhere where it is visible for every player who is playing in that lane.

Bowling socks

If players are renting shoes for bowling, it should definitely be a requirement that they wear bowling socks. This bowling equipment can help keep the smell away from the rented shoes, and helps protect the shoes from any potential germs that can be unhealthy, if not cleaned. You can not clean a rented shoe 3-4 times a day, now can you?

Oh, and there are bowling socks for the fingers too, which should help increase the grip. Though more popularly known as thumb socks or thumb savers, they are a key part in protecting a player’s thumbs from getting damaged when throwing a ball.


These are the best bowling equipment and bowling spare parts that you should definitely get for your bowling arena. If you are looking to buy imported, affordable spare parts and other equipment, our personal recommendation would be ywbowl, which is a platform that sells all kinds of parts dedicated to bowling. You can visit their website over at www.ywbowl.com for more information.


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